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bowing down, downward, humble, lowly, dependent | ALT bottom, lower part, under, below, floor, beneath; low, lower, bottom, down

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semantic space · lipamanka

anpa refers to the space (or sometimes object) below something. For example, "anpa supa" is the space under a table. "anpa kasi" is the space under a plant. anpa can also refer to qualities of defeat and shame, such as beating someone in a game of chess. You can describe the loser as anpa, and you can use anpa as a verb to mean "beat." anpa can also talk about social stratification and hierarchy. A lower class person can be a jan anpa.

ku translations

down96, bottom79, lower70, below58, defeat58, beneath57, under35, bow30, underlying25

pu verbatim

ADJECTIVE bowing down, downward, humble, lowly, dependent


core · 99% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu


Acadian French · en bas ‘below’

coined by jan Sonja


In common usage (both before and after pu), "anpa" has the meaning of "place that is down". In pu, "noka" has that meaning instead.

sitelen pona


location radical + "container"; the latter perhaps from a truncated square for a general object (compare sinpin) or a container (compare poki). for the radical, see also how dots are used in blissymbols; compare blissymbol "below"

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