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This word is obscure, so most speakers will not understand it.

This word is deprecated by its creator, and its use is discouraged.


(prostorová obdoba k tenpo) prostor, místo, vzdálenost, velikost, rozměr (délka, šířka, výška, hloubka, obsah, objem)

see also

lon, ma


obscure · 4% usage

found in no book

coined post-pu · 2021


toki pona · tenpo ‘time, period, situation’

by jan Seli


Considered deprecated by the author: "mi pali e nimi enko a a open la pilin mi li sama nimi enko li pona, jan mute o kepeken taso kepeken pi toki pona la mi kama sona nimi ante li ken toki e wile toki pi nimi enko la ona li suli ala"

sitelen pona

enko enko2

sitelen Emosi



kala Asi