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malbona, negativa; neesenca, malgrava | ALT malsimpla, komplika

semantic space · lipamanka

ike is any negative quality. Anything can be ike. ike is a judgement call. what one person considers ike can be pona to another. For example, the complexity of computer coding is not a good thing for me, so I'd call it ike. But for a lot of my friends, that same complexity is pona! the simple melody of "mary had a little lamb" is boring to many people on its own, so they might call it ike. But a baby might enjoy it a lot, so despite being overly simple for adults in an anglophone culture, it's just right for that baby, i.e. pona. If something isn't bad, you can't use ike to describe it without framing it as such. ike can mean complex and simple just as easily as pona can.

ku translations

bad100, harsh82, badly81, mean (adj)77, evil75, negative73, problem70, horrible67, terrible61, unfortunate60, poorly59, offensive57, awful55, trouble53, tragic50, cruel46, wrong43, complexity42, inappropriate42, issue42, awkward40, unfair40, complicated39, vice36, hostile33, difficulty31, nasty31, corrupt30, corruption30, challenging29, complex29, cursed29, danger29, hard (difficult)29, harm29, chaos27, difficult27, toxic27, disorder26

pu verbatim

ADJEKTIVO malbona, negativa; neesenca, malgrava


core · 100% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu


Finnish · ilkeä ‘bad, mean, wicked’

coined by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


pictogram of a frowning mouth. compare pona

sitelen sitelen

ike sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





kala Asi

jan Lakuse

luka pona

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