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centre, contingut, dintre de, entre; òrgan intern, estómac

semantic space · lipamanka

insa talks about things inside of things. Commonly, this is used to describe a location. The location inside of a car is insa. It can also be used to describe objects that are inside of things. Someone's organs are insa. insa doesn't need to be contained completely, it can just mean "in between." A book in the middle of a bookshelf is insa. The space between two city buildings is insa. It can be used more abstractly too. When compared to a head, a mind is insa. In the context of good and bad, insa can be neutral. When compared to hot and cold, insa can be lukewarm. If anything is being framed as inside of something else, it falls under the semantic space of insa.

ku translations

inner100, internal100, interior93, centre91, guts71, core67, central60, inside58, middle56, belly54, stomach41, internal organ38, within35, insert31, amid27, between27, content27

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NOUN centre, content, inside, between; internal organ, stomach


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Tok Pisin · insait ‘inside, center, stomach’

English · inside

coined by jan Sonja

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location radical + “container”; compare blissymbol “in”

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