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benutzen, gebrauchen, mit, mittels, mithilfe von

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kepeken is using. it is usually used as a preposition and not as a transitive verb, and marks the word after it as the object of usage. For example, "mi kepeken ilo" can be "I use a tool," and "mi pali e tomo kepeken ilo" can mean "I build a house using a tool." when used as a noun, it can refer to a specific instance of using something or usage in general. For example, "kepeken ni ilo sina li ike" "the way you're using the tool is bad." Many speakers consider nasin a better choice for this.

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use93, utilize75, via60, employ50, used40, operate27, interact26, equip25

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PRÄPOSITION mittels, benutzen, mithilfe von, mit Hilfe


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Dutch · gebruiken ‘to use’

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Whether "kepeken" should be used with or without "e" in a predicative position (meaning "to use") remains controversial.

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