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head, mind; to control, direct, guide, lead, own, plan, regulate, rule

semantic space · lipamanka

The semantic space of lawa contains parts of a whole that control that whole, and the act of controlling itself. A classic example is the head of an animal, and perhaps by extension the heads of other things that just look similar. A tulip's flower could be a "lawa." Additionally, this can be taking a bit more abstractly. Someone who's in charge of a group could be considered the lawa of that group. Commanding troops in battle is a type of lawa. lawa doesn't imply any level of consent, so it could be forceful or gentle. Guiding a swimming student's body into the correct position for good technique could be lawa, but plenty of things that I'm not willing to describe could be lawa as well.

ku translations

govern100, head100, authority79, control77, ruling75, leading70, regulatory70, manage65, administrative64, leadership63, law60, rule60, lead57, management54, enforce50, judicial50, legal50, mind50, oversee50, conduct47, official47, brain45, regulate45, administer44, policy44, cognitive36, drive36, executive36, guide36, mandate36, regulation36, administration33, ownership33, command30, government30, dominate29, psychological29, institutional27, legislation27, jurisdiction25, main25, regime25

pu verbatim

NOUN head, mind VERB to control, direct, guide, lead, own, plan, regulate, rule


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Serbo-Croatian · glava глава ‘head’

coined by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


head radical; perhaps the horizontal line for the same reason as in kule. alternatively, perhaps a pictogram of a person wearing a cap

sitelen sitelen

lawa sitelen sitelen

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