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-th (ordinal number); numbers

semantic space · lipamanka

nanpa refers to numbers. Some examples of numbers could be phone numbers, HP in a video game, heart rate, or blood sugar. nanpa can also refer to things related to computers, because most things computers do are really lots of little numbers. Some people like to use nanpa for math in general, but everyone I know who's into math doesn't like considering all math as numbers. Some math is numbers, and that math can be nanpa, but other math isn't. It's your decision where you stand on that.

ku translations

number100, count80, score57, rating46, rank44, measurement43, ranking43, statistical42, quantity36, calculate35, grade33, percentage33, edition31, percent30, statistics30, version27

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PARTICLE -th (ordinal number)

NOUN numbers


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Tok Pisin · namba ‘number’

English · number

coined by jan Sonja

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from number sign (#). compare blissymbol “number”

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