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Τρόπος, έθιμο, δόγμα, μέθοδος, μονοπάτι, δρόμος

semantic space · lipamanka

nasin ties together method and path. Physically, a nasin is a path or direction one follows, a road you can drive along, any way to reach a location, or perhaps even to wander. metaphysically, nasin refers to a way to live your life, a way to make something, or any other method. just as easily as main street can be a nasin, so can communism or the pomodoro technique or setting an alarm or islam. It doesn't need a specific destination, but there's usually some purpose to it.

ku translations

road100, way100, doctrine92, method91, path83, avenue80, manner80, route75, direction73, street71, orientation70, trail70, mode69, technique67, layout56, system56, course55, passage54, process54, track53, format52, ideology50, tactic48, custom45, aisle44, journey44, lane43, norm40, guideline39, style39, regular38, procedure35, order33, plan33, protocol33, channel32, routine31, strategy30, pattern28, theme27, angle25, composition25, policy25, tendency25

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NOUN way, custom, doctrine, method, path, road


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Serbo-Croatian · начин način ‘way, method’

coined by jan Sonja

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ideogram consisting of an arrow along a vertical line

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