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Πόδι, πατούσα, όργανο κινήσεις · το χαμηλότερό κομμάτι

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semantic space · lipamanka

The semantic space of noka contains the bottom parts of things meant for touching the ground. Some basic examples of noka might be feet or legs. noka can refer to the bottom part of a piece of furniture or the wheels of a car. The lowest floor of a building is noka. The roots of a tree are noka. noka can also refer to the action of applying a noka to something, such as kicking, stepping on, walking on. If you use noka for this, you'll be framing the relationship as some sort of application of a noka onto the direct object.

ku translations

leg93, foot67, lap55, ankle50, kick43, heel38, knee33, base31

pu verbatim

NOUN foot, leg, organ of locomotion; bottom, lower part


core · 99% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu


Serbo-Croatian · нога noga ‘foot, leg’

coined by jan Sonja


In a 2002 poll, "jalan" was proposed to replace "noka". However, it failed to get enough votes. In pu, "noka" has the meaning of "place that is down". In common usage (both before and after pu), "anpa" has that meaning instead. noka had speculative and/or joking use for numbers, comparable to luka: ten, twenty, negative five.

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