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geben, senden, ausströhmen, bereitstellen, etwas hinstellen, freigeben

semantic space · lipamanka

The semantic space of pana contains all acts that set objects in motion. This can be a type of emmission. The act of a fire giving off heat it pana. The act of a child laughing is pana, because the child is emitting laughter, setting it in motion. Throwing a baseball, hitting a hockey puck, and kicking a football (the kind that Americans call a "soccer ball") are all pana. Defenestration is a type of pana, because you are setting something in motion (out a window). the object that does the act of pana doesn't have to set something in motion away from itself. Buying a piano online for a friend is pana, or at the very least the act of having the piano be delivered is pana. Less physical objects can be the subject of pana too: knowledge, advice, or good feelings (bad ones, too!).

ku translations

give100, put93, deliver90, grant85, delivery82, send80, submit78, provide73, transfer71, distribute65, distribution58, donate57, appoint55, contribute53, output52, given50, publishing50, share50, yield50, assign47, deploy47, offering47, deposit45, convey44, emission40, input40, lend40, offer40, supply40, pour37, publish37, release37, export36, gift36, provision36, shared36, serve35, spend35, administer33, attach33, devote33, donation33, serving33, spread33, added31, contribution31, post31, apply30, toss30, transmission30, add29, bring29, present29, install28, introduce26, show26, dedicate25, exhibit25, insert25

pu verbatim

VERB geben, senden, ausstrahlen, emittieren, liefern, setzen, stellen, legen, freilassen


core · 100% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu


multiple possibilities

Finnish · panna ‘put, set, place’

Swahili · pana ‘give to each other’

coined by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


emission modifier + luka

sitelen sitelen

pana sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





kala Asi

jan Lakuse