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heart (physical or emotional); feeling (an emotion, a direct experience)

semantic space · lipamanka

pilin is some sort of sensory quallia. pilin can refer just as easily to internal senses as it can to external ones, so pilin can mean both touch and emote. most speakers use pilin to mean "opinion" as well, framing an opinion as some sort of internal sensory experience.

ku translations

emotion100, feeling100, feel92, sentiment83, mood80, emotionally76, heart70, sense69, attitude64, emotional62, notion55, opinion55, assume50, hypothesis50, impression50, perceive50, deem47, assumption40, believe40, thinking40, thought39, speculation38, conscience36, suppose36, experience35, stimulus33, reaction30, suspicion30, belief29, idea27, perception27, touch27, consider25, estimated25, outlook25, mentally24, think24

pu verbatim

NOUN heart (physical or emotional)

ADJECTIVE feeling (an emotion, a direct experience)


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Tok Pisin · pilim ‘feel’

الإنجليزية · -im ‘him’

الإنجليزية · him

coined by jan Sonja

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from heart symbol (♡). compare blissymbol “feeling”

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pilin sitelen sitelen

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