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Behälter, Tasche, Schüssel, Box, Tasse, Schublade, Schrank, Gefäß

semantic space · lipamanka

poki are containers. They're meant to contain things. Bags, boxes, and bins are great examples of poki. Furniture that contains things, such as trash cans, drawers, shelves, and even closets, are a big part of poki. Some poki might be metaphysical rather than physical. All semantic spaces of all toki pona words can be framed as poki, containing possible meanings. You could look at labels through this lense, and people who choose to use a label are placing themselves within the semantic space of said label. This usage of poki is fairly common. To explore poki's semantic space more, click here.

ku translations

container100, jar92, box90, package89, bag87, basket71, bucket67, bottle65, pot64, cabinet61, classify55, drawer50, locker50, storage50, case45, bowl42, sack40, cup36, cage33, pack33, purse31, trunk29, pitcher27, cell26

pu verbatim

NOMEN Behältnis, Beutel, Schale, Kiste, Tasse, Karton, Schublade, Gefäß


core · 99% usage

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coined pre-pu


Tok Pisin · bokis ‘box, female genitalia (vulgar)’

English · box

coined by jan Sonja


poki is sometimes used as "category" or to express types of things. One example is roles or groups, in discord chat contexts

sitelen pona


pictogram of a container

sitelen sitelen

poki sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





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