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Φωτιά· μαγείρεμα, χημική αντίδραση, πηγή θερμότητας

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seli is heat. If something's hot or giving off heat, it's seli. the heat itself is also seli. this word can also be used to talk about spicy food through metaphor because spicy food literally makes your mouth feel warmer, but be careful not to calque english by explaining that if you use seli like that. Household appliences used to heat food can be seli, like a stovetop. seli can be used as a verb to mean "cook," if in english you see cooking as always some sort of application of heat. Chopping up vegetables to put in a raw salad isn't a good example of seli.

ku translations

fire100, heat100, hot92, burning85, flame83, burn70, warm65, warming58, bake36, temperature36, cook31, boil30, cooking27, tropical17

pu verbatim

ADJECTIVE fire; cooking element, chemical reaction, heat source


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Georgian · ცხელი cxeli ‘hot’

coined by jan Sonja


In pu, definitions of seli are described as adjectives. ku's pu corrections clarify that these refer to nouns instead.

sitelen pona


perhaps a pictogram of a lit campfire or a simplified pictogram of a fire

sitelen sitelen

seli sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





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