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ydre form, ydre lag; bark, skræl, skal, hylster, hud; afgrænsning

semantic space · lipamanka

selo describes the outer layer of an object. It doesn't matter what the object is. For example, skin can be selo, and bark can be selo. This can get extended into the metaphorical. What are outer layers for? Usually, they protect that which is inside. Perhaps an attempt to ignore bigotry could be described as a selo. But in doing so, you're framing it as an outer layer of your mind. selo don't always have to contain anything important, even though they usually do. Balloons are usually empty (save for air) and they can still be selo. In fact, a vaccum chamber's walls could be selo, even though they literally have nothing inside of the (save for "dark energy" or whatever don't @ me I'm not a physicist). As a verb, selo can mean "to surround fully," or "to become the outer layer of (something)." Some people use this for hugging, which is very fun.

ku translations

skin83, boundary65, surface60, outer50, peel50, shape44, layer42, edge40, outline40, external36, border32, frame30, margin29, shell27, barrier22, cover21, appearance17

pu verbatim

NOUN outer form, outer layer; bark, peel, shell, skin; boundary


core · 98% usage

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Esperanto · ŝelo ‘skin, peel’

German · schale ‘peel, husk, shell’

coined by jan Sonja

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sitelen sitelen

selo sitelen sitelen

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sitelen Emosi





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