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Ποιο; (γενική ερώτησή)

semantic space · lipamanka

the semantic space of seme is unknown. That's the whole point! When one uses seme, it's unclear what it means. It is an invitation for an answer. this is very similar to wh- words in english like "what" and "which" and "who." unlike english, toki pona only has the one. If you want to specify what your query is about, you can modify a different word with seme. "kasi seme" can mean "which plant," for example. often, seme is a direct prompt to the listener, but it's frequently used as a prompt to the self or an expression of a lack of knowledge. speakers sometimes ask a question with seme only to answer it. Perhaps this is a me thing because I am jewish and that is how many jews tend to talk.

ku translations

what100, which69, huh44

pu verbatim

PARTICLE what? which?


core · 100% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu


Mandarin · 什麼 shénme ‘what, something’

coined by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


from question mark (?). compare blissymbol “what”

sitelen sitelen

seme sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo

sitelen Emosi




kala Asi

jan Lakuse

luka pona

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