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rund eller cirkulær ting; kugle, cirkel, cyklus, sfære, hjul; af et år

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semantic space · lipamanka

sike represents round objects and cycles. sike can be used to refer to the smoothness of an edge. sike can be used to talk about marbles and flat disks such as cookies. sike can talk about wheels or balls or even gyroscopes. Because sike can also represent cycles, it can be used to describe a repeated action. "toki sike" could be repeating the same thing over and over again. "utala sike" could be a never ending cycle of war, or some online discourse that just won't end. Wether it's physical or not, a sike will always loop around and end where it started.

ku translations

circle100, round100, sphere82, ball77, loop71, cycle70, wheel64, disc59, globe55, circuit46, spin36, ring33, surround31, curve25, rolling25, spot25, orbit23, twist21, roll20

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NOUN round or circular thing; ball, circle, cycle, sphere, wheel

ADJECTIVE of one year


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English · circle

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sitelen pona


two circles, perhaps to distinguish from ijo. alternatively outline of a thick empty circle

sitelen sitelen

sike sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo

sitelen Emosi




kala Asi

jan Lakuse

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