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čelit, stát před, předek, stěna

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semantic space · lipamanka

sinpin reffers to objects that face directions. walls can easily be sinpin, and so can human faces or any of the front part of an animal. the part of a building that faces the road can be sinpin. sinpin is not used as much as it should be and I encourage speakers to explore its semantic space more. If you have any further usages that aren't mentioned here, please let me know!

sinpin can't be extended into a metaphorical space to talk about time. "tenpo sinpin" might mean future or past to people from different cultures, so in order to use it like that you'd need to build it up by explaining the metaphor. For example, if you framed yourself as facing the past and walking backwards, you could even use "tenpo sinpin" to talk about the past!

ku translations

front92, face (n)62, wall50, chest (anatomy)27, ahead24, barrier22

pu verbatim

NOUN face, foremost, front, wall


core · 99% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu


Cantonese · 前邊 tsin bin ‘in front’

coined by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


location radical + rotate “container”. compare monsi

sitelen sitelen

sinpin sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





kala Asi

jan Lakuse

luka pona

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