image, picture, representation, symbol, mark, writing

semantic space · lipamanka

sitelen are depictions, such as images or symbols. A painting or a photograph are both sitelen. It's also common to see sitelen used to describe a symbol in a writing system. The letter Q and the maya glyph for b'alam (jaguar) are both sitelen. sitelen is usually used for things that were created, but these don't need to be organized. A random scribble is still a sitelen even though it doesn't necesserily represent anything. pure random noise has the potential to be a sitelen too, but doing so will likely frame the noise as having some sort of order to it. perhaps it was chosen? maybe it's being used for something? maybe it's a mistake? explore sitelen!

ku translations

picture⁵, image⁵, graphic⁵, symbol⁵, drawing⁵, illustration⁵, photo⁵, write⁴, painting⁴, illustrate⁴, writing⁴, written⁴, depict⁴, draw⁴, photograph⁴, portrait³, icon³, representation³, mark³, portray³, record², render², text², note², sign², pattern²

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NOUN image, picture, representation, symbol, mark, writing


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Dutch · schilderen ‘paint’

by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


perhaps a representation of symbols on a piece of paper (lipu)

sitelen sitelen

sitelen sitelen sitelen

sitelen Emosi





kala Asi

jan Lakuse

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