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motion, e.g. walking, shaking, flight, travel; (preposition) to, for, going to, from the perspective of

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awen, kama

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tawa is motion. tawa frequently has a destination, and when used as a preposition, it marks the word after it as this destination. a destination isn't critical to tawa though; speakers will use tawa for vibrating or shaking in place, or wandering. When tawa is used as a preposition, it marks that which the motion approaches. This can be physical, but metaphysically tawa can mark a recipient, beneficiary, point of perspective, etc.

ku translations

go100, motion100, move100, toward100, movement94, to93, towards93, for81, transit80, travel69, transportation60, trip60, walk58, advance56, onto55, pass50, transport50, walking47, migration46, departure45, from the perspective of44, push43, march38, forth36, proceed36, slide36, drift35, according to33, mobile30, until30, cross29, transfer29, approach27, till27, forward26, attend25, momentum25, progress25

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PREPOSITION going to, toward; for; from the perspective of



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sitelen pona


motion radical; legs facing to the right. compare kama and blissymbol “walk”

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