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time, event, situation, moment, period, duration

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you'll usually hear people say that tenpo means "time." but what does that mean? what even is the abstract concept of time? this definition isn't very useful, so a different angle I suggest people take is to look at tenpo as either a situation or a duration. tenpo could be that one time I robbed a bank, or all the times I cooked with shmalts. tenpo could be a minute, or an hour, or an eon (1 billion years). tenpo can be the time when the sun shines, or the cycle it takes for the earth to rotate around the sun, or for the earth to rotate such that the sun goes away and comes back. tenpo can be the time when it's dark, the time when it's cold or warm, the time it takes for the moon to go through all its phases, the time it takes for markets to set up and disband a few times a week, the time when we work, the time when we sleep, the time when we travel, or the time when we arrive. tenpo can talk about the abstract concept of time, but usually it is used to talk about specific events, situations, and durations.

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time100, timing72, session71, occasion65, phase64, moment56, circumstance50, date50, hour47, appointment44, scenario42, event40, season39, period38, interval31, situation31, instance25

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NOUN time, duration, moment, occasion, period, situation


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Esperanto · tempo ‘time’

Latin · tempus ‘time’

coined by jan Sonja

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pictogram of a clock. compare blissymbol “time”

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