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Να κυνηγάς (κυνήγι),συλλογή (τροφής), αναζήτησή ALT (pv.) να προσπαθείς, προσπάθειά

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alasa refers to hunting and foraging. Searching for a lost object is alasa. Searching for something on a web browser is alasa. Throwing a spear into the side of a bison could be alasa because it is part of hunting, as can the act of picking berries, but the core of alasa is the trying to find. Recently (as in during the past half a decade), usage of alasa to refer to attempting or trying has become very common. So trying to knit could be a type of alasa. Trying to sprint could be a type of alasa. Trying to look larger than you actually are to scare off a preditor could be alasa.

ku translations

hunt100, hunting87, pursuit75, search75, pursue74, gather61, finding58, seek56, explore44, chase39, locate38, try36, collect33, quest33, catch26

pu verbatim

VERB to hunt, forage


core · 99% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu · 2009


Acadian French · à la chasse ‘hunting, (literally) on the hunt’

coined by jan Sonja


In some communities, the usage of "alasa" as a preverb meaning "try to" is equally or even more common than "lukin". In pu, only "lukin"/"oko" has this meaning.

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