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all, every, everything, entirety, universe; (number) one hundred

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semantic space · lipamanka

ale is everything. this can be either everything ever or a smaller subset of everything. If you modify ale with another word, it is limited to objects that have that word's quality, such as "ale loje" for "all things red," "ale lipu" for "all things related to books," or "ale pali" for "all things related to working." this is often similar to the reverse, but not exactly the same. for example, "loje ale" is all reds, not all things red, "lipu ale" is all books, and would not talk about a printing press or reading glasses, and "pali ale" would be something like all jobs or activities, and wouldn't talk about a hammer or a cheesecloth.

ku translations

every80, everything77, all68, entire64, universal60, completely58, total53, entirely50, universe50, altogether44, comprehensive42, full36, totally35, each33, fully32, any30, thoroughly30, absolute29, countless27, general27, complete26, whole25, hundred21

pu verbatim

ADJECTIVE all; abundant, countless, bountiful, every, plentiful

NOUN abundance, everything, life, universe



core · 90% usage

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coined pre-pu


Dutch · alle ‘all’

coined by jan Sonja


"ali" is an alternative to "ale", coined in a poll in 2002 in order to avoid confusion with "ala". However, the usage of "ale" over "ali" remains more common. The majority of speakers report not understanding the "abundant, bountiful, plentiful" meaning, at least out of context. "20, 120" were non-pu meanings previously in use in the community alongside 100; they are virtually unheard of nowadays.

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