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handeln, kaufen, verkaufen, austauschen, Laden, Markt, Handel, Tausch, gerecht, Wirtschaft

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mani, pana, jo

semantic space · lipamanka

esun is a type of swap or exchange. Usually it's used to mean "buy," "sell," or "trade." The use of a currency isn't required for something to be esun. Trading baseball cards is esun. esun doesn't imply that both parties lose something. Exchanging knowledge is esun, even though neither party loses knowledge. Some interesting extentions of esun I've seen include using esun for breathing, where one trades the air inside them with the outside world. Seeing esun as a swap more than as a type of buying has had it being used far more often these days in my experience.

ku translations

trading91, shopping88, trade88, deal75, commerce69, purchase67, sales67, buy65, transaction64, market62, sale60, exchange58, sell57, retail56, business48, shop46, commercial36, store36, financial29, enterprise27, economy25, franchise25

pu verbatim

NOMEN Markt, Laden, Basar, Geschäft, Handel


core · 98% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu · 2009


Akan · edwamu ‘at market’

coined by jan Sonja


According to jan Sonja, "esun was told [to her] by a taxi driver who spoke a language from the Akan family in West Africa".

sitelen pona


not from a currency symbol (sonja confirmed; said “i think that one is from Mikmaq” but couldn't find a mikmaq symbol similar to it).

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esun sitelen sitelen

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kala Asi

jan Lakuse

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