long and flexible thing; cord, hair, rope, thread, yarn | ALT line, connection

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If it's long an you can tie it into a knot, it's linja! linja implies flexibility. By calling something linja, you are framing it as something that could be bent significantly, even if it can't. Let's say I call a metal bar a linja. I'm implying to me that I can bend it easily, that to me it is flimsy. But most of the time, linja are things like string or cooked spaghetti. Dried spaghetti would not be a linja because it's brittle. If I draw a line, perhaps it can be linja, because even though it is drawn and cannot be moved around on the page, it might be representing something that could.

ku translations

line⁵, string⁵, cord⁵, rope⁵, thread⁴, fibre³, cable³, link³, connection², ray², streak², row², wire², hair², sequence², chain², connect², straight²

pu verbatim

NOUN long and flexible thing; cord, hair, rope, thread, yarn


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Finnish · linja ‘line’ ← Old Swedish linia

by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


pictogram of a string

sitelen sitelen

linja sitelen sitelen

sitelen Emosi





kala Asi

jan Lakuse

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