money, cash, savings, wealth; large domesticated animal

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mani speaks to things used in trade, such as fiat money, livestock, spices, or anything else being framed as a tool of bartering. anything can be mani, but by using mani for it you're throwing most of its other qualities to the side. For example, if I use mani to describe coriander, I am framing its culinary usage as irrelevant. I do not care if it will be cooked with. I only care that it will be used in an exchange.

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money⁵, cash⁵, monetary⁵, currency⁵, treasure⁴, wealth⁴, worth⁴, cattle⁴, dollar⁴, financial⁴, funding³, fiscal³, wage³, fee³, cost³, valuable³, pension², expense², economic², fund², revenue², budget², salary², credit², compensation², earnings², pric

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NOUN money, cash, savings, wealth; large domesticated animal


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English · money {cf. fee ← Proto-Germanic *fehu ‘livestock’, and pecuniary ← Latin pecū ‘cattle’}

by jan Sonja

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a pictogram of a large domestic animal, such as a cow (sonja confirmed)

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