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Mond, Objekt im Nachthimmel, Stern | ALT glühen, glühendes Licht, Licht im Dunkeln

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semantic space · lipamanka

across the sky are many objects, some of which move quickly or slowly and some of which seem to be fixed in place. The moon, the stars, the planets, even the sun. All of these objects fit within mun's semantic space, especially the ones that are most obvious at night. If you brought a star down to earth, it would still be mun, so things like mun Kekan San, who is a shining star, are mun as well. If you left earth and visited a mun, it would still be a mun, so mars from the perspective of a rover might still be mun. The big question here is that to that mars rover, is earth mun? and then again, to us, is earth a mun? That's for you to find out.

ku translations

moon95, celestial body80, star25, planet19

pu verbatim

NOMEN Mond, Objekt am Nachthimmel, Stern


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English · moon

coined by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


pictogram of a crescent moon. compare blissymbol “moon”

sitelen sitelen

mun sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





kala Asi

jan Lakuse

luka pona

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