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Sonne; Licht, Helligkeit, Leuchten, Glanz, Schein; Lichtquelle

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mun, pimeja

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suno is an object that emits light or the light itself. It can be brightness or a shimmer or a sparkle. the sun is a suno, a lamp is a suno, but sunlight and lamplight are also suno. many people use suno by itself to mean a day cycle, framing a day as a type of light. this kind of framing is interesting because it doesn't sit right with all speakers, but it's understandable, so speakers can learn more about how each other see the world this way.

ku translations

sun94, solar93, light77, sunlight75, bright64, shine60

pu verbatim

NOMEN Sonne; Licht, Helligkeit, (Licht-)Schein, Glanz; Lichtquelle


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Esperanto · suno ‘sun’

coined by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


pictogram of the sun

sitelen sitelen

suno sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





kala Asi

jan Lakuse

luka pona

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