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Αυτός , αυτή, αυτό, αυτοί

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ona is the only third person pronoun in toki pona. unlike ni, ona is seldom used except for to point at objects from previous sentences, i.e. toki ponists don't usually use it to talk about things they're pointing at. ona has no animacy connotation, just as no toki pona word does (except for maybe jan). ona can just as easily refer to a block of wood or a doorknob as it can to a human or animal. It also has no gender connotation, just like every other toki pona word, so it can just as easily mean he or she or they.

ku translations

its100, her95, them90, their83, he80, him80, she80, they79, his73, it73, themselves53, itself47, herself36, himself36

pu verbatim

NOUN he, she, it, they


core · 100% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu


Serbo-Croatian · она ona ‘she’

coined by jan Sonja


Coined in a poll in 2002. Replaced "iki", which was deemed too similar to "ike". Other options in the poll included "ipi", as well as "i" in a previous poll.

sitelen pona


perhaps a hand pointing sideways. compare mi and sina

sitelen sitelen

ona sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





kala Asi

jan Lakuse

luka pona

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