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Να αρχίσεις, αρχή, να ανοίγεις, μέλλον

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open describes activation. If I activate a light switch, that can be open. If I open a door, that can be open as well. open often describes something's function being activated, but it can also describe a beginning of an event, like the start of a concert or the start of a year. Perhaps childhood could be open. The throughline here is cause and effect. the act of open is always a cause, but open can also be the event around that activation. This activation usually isn't a type of creation and serves to exist within the function of the activated thing.

ku translations

begin100, open100, start91, beginning82, initiate73, starting69, opening60, initial40, access36, entry36, engage33, launch33, starter32, introduction25, origin25

pu verbatim

VERB to begin, start; open; turn on


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English · open

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Some proficient speakers use open as a preverb that means "start to," that goes along with the complimentary pini preverb "to stop"

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perhaps a pictogram of an opened container

sitelen sitelen

open sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


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