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finish, stop, prevent; close, disable, turn off; ended, past; edge, end, conclusion

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open, kama

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pini is the moment something comes to a close. this can be as simple as a door shutting or a light turning off, but it can be more abstract, like a department at a college fizzling out. pini has no connotations of irriversability, unlike "pinis" in its language of origin (tok pisin), which can grammatically specify irriversability.

ku translations

end100, finish94, shut87, ending80, cease70, conclude70, outcome70, close (v)65, closed64, latter55, quit55, final50, complete47, stop47, off44, cancel43, conclusion40, result40, previous36, pause33, interrupt32, lock30, over29

pu verbatim

ADJECTIVE ago, completed, ended, finished, past


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multiple possibilities

Acadian French · fini ‘finished, completed’

Tok Pisin · pinis ‘finish (perfective aspect)’

English · finish

coined by jan Sonja


Some proficient speakers use pini as a preverb that means "to stop," that goes along with the complimentary open preverb "start to"

sitelen pona


perhaps a blocking wall

sitelen sitelen

pini sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





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