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horizontal surface, thing to put or rest something on

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semantic space · lipamanka

supa permiate all of our lives. notice all the flat objects around you. you use them every day. you sleep on one, you work on one, you eat at one, you cook at one. one important aspect of supa is that things can rest upon it. here's a good test you can try out to tell if something is supa: if I were to start tilting a supa on its side ever so slowly, it would cease to be supa as soon as things fell off of it. That means that a surface with very high friction (like felt) can continue to be supa for longer than something with very low friction (like a flat sheet of teflon). if you have stuck things to a surface and turn it completely upside down, it can stay a supa.

ku translations

platform86, table83, shelf80, board67, furniture50, flat47, lie (be in flat position)47, level44, desk43, couch40, deck40, bench38, seat38, stage38, tablet33, surface30, chair29, counter28, pad25

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NOUN horizontal surface, thing to put or rest something on


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Esperanto · surfaco ‘surface’

الفرنسية الأكادية · surface

الإنجليزية · surface

coined by jan Sonja

sitelen pona


pictogram of a table. compare blissymbol “table”

sitelen sitelen

supa sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


sitelen Emosi





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