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sweet, fragrant; cute, innocent, adorable

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suwi describes pleasant aspects of senses. If something is pleasant to the mouth, i.e. it is sweet, that is suwi. If something is pleasant to the eye, i.e. cute, that is suwi as well. The scent of apples might be suwi as well. A soft or fuzzy texture can be suwi. A pleasant sound can be described as suwi. suwi can also describe other pleasant things, such as actions or people. Like if someone bakes you a pie, not only is the pie usually suwi, but so is the act of making it. Note that suwi isn't used for savory pleasant flavors much, usually just sweet ones.

ku translations

sweet100, cute92, candy65, sugar58, gentle33, dessert32, tender31, soft27, darling26, treat25

pu verbatim

ADJECTIVE sweet, fragrant; cute, innocent, adorable


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Tok Pisin · swit ‘sweet’

الإنجليزية · sweet

coined by jan Sonja

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perhaps a pictogram of a smiling face

sitelen sitelen

suwi sitelen sitelen

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