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aber, jedoch; nur

semantic space · lipamanka

taso doesn't actually change the semantic space of a word it modifies. instead, it trims away the possibility of other things filling the role of that object in a sentence. taso says that only the word it modifies does whatever it does. it's almost the inverse of ala in that instead of canceling out the semantic space of everything before it that it modifies, it cancels out everything else. taso is also used as a conjunction at the beginning of a sentence, meaning something similar to "but" in english.

ku translations

but100, only100, however82, solely82, although80, exclusively80, though79, just71, exclusive70, despite69, nonetheless67, mere64, merely58, except53, nevertheless50, sole50, yet50, whereas45, regardless33, exception27

pu verbatim

PARTIKEL aber, jedoch

ADJEKTIV nur, lediglich, alleinig


core · 99% usage

found in pu

coined pre-pu


Tok Pisin · tasol ‘just, only, but, however’

English · that’s all

coined by jan Sonja


Some proficient speakers use taso as a connector between sentences (X taso Y), similar to "X, but Y," as though taso behaved like la grammatically.

sitelen pona


from blissymbol “but”

sitelen sitelen

taso sitelen sitelen

sitelen jelo


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jan Lakuse

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